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Citizens for a Healthy Bay would not be able to operate without the support of its members. The diverse group of business, individuals and families that make up CHB's membership have pledged their support to improve our waterways, together. Read their names below, and join them by becoming a member today.

2016 New and Returning Members


We are very pleased to welcome the following people and organizations, listed by membership level, to CHB as new or renewing members for the year 2016. Thank you to our newest member, Jesse Engineering!


Bay Keeper


Bay Steward




Bay Defender


Patty & Mike Kennedy



Bay Protector



Peter Isensee



Bett Lucas

Manke Lumber

Helen and Phillip Nordquist

Paula and Lee Roussel


Sheri and Jeff Tonn

Trident Seafoods


Bay Helper

Edman Company

Kathleen and Robert Hasselblad

Bill Hyers

InTheWorks, Inc.

Linda and Bruce Kilen

Andrew Malinak

Ryan Mello

Karen and Michael Mixon

Alison Odenthal and Steve Hale

Pints & Quarts Pub

Lora and Bob Stivers

Ed Ulman

Patti and Paul Vincent

Sharon Williamson


Bay Advocate


Jan Adams

Tim Allen and Jessica Spring

Richard Barnes

Bonnie Becker and Peter Selkin

William Broadhead

Stand and Sigrid Cummings

Luke Curtis

Kathleen Deakins

Verna and Warren Dogeagle

Sherrie Duncan

Dave Easley

Rene and Loren Ezell

Nicholas Fairweather

Kathy Fletcher and Ken Weiner

Foss Harbor Marina

Kellie and Kurt Freemont

JoAnn Fritsche

Deb Flanders and Sue Jones

Mark and Kitty Gogins

Laura and Grant Gardner

Cheryl Greengrove and Lin Provost

Bruce Hoeft

Nathan Hoeft

Bruce Ismael

Burton and Doris Johnson

LaVonne and Dean Johnson

Eileen Kelley

Del Langbauer

Bruce McDonald

Rachel McLain

Melissa and Paul Nordquist

Kevin O'Brien

Mark Palmer

Sarah and Matthew Rabel

Monica Roller

Jessica Spring

Mark Stafford

Jackie and Mike Stewart

Streich Bros, Inc.

Tacoma World Beer

Dorothy and Fred Tobiason

C.R. Todd

Jill Whitman & Donald Marsee

Laura Vincent

Artee Young


Bay Citizen


Bob Barlow

Kristin and Jeff Barney

Lori Blair and Jerry Nelson

Karen and Matthew Boyle

Michelle Brant and Megan Hintz

Stephanie and Andy Brock

Jan and Jeff Brown

Nancy Brown

Jenni and Chris Browning

Jimmy Bush

Candis Carbone

Jennifer and Donna Chang

Ione Clagett

Jim Clark

Annie Conant

Gary Coy

Damon Curtis

Valerie Daily

Linda and Allen Dawson

Janet and Steve Devlin

Junko and Alex Dombrowski

Carolyn Edmonds

Shawn Eisele

Helen Engle

Bob Ericksen and Judith Meyer

Gordon Erickson

Tanyalee Erwin

Audrey and John Eyler

Debra Friedman

Eric Gabrielson

Tom Gallacher and Diana Wahl

Emily and Ryen Godwin

Colleen Gray

Cheryl and Joe Guizzetti

The Harrelson Family

Rocky Hauge

Eric Heller

Margaret and Jim Hentges

Carrie and Sergio Hernandez

Rick Herzog

Emily Houg

John Howard

Amy Hoyte

Scottia Johnston

David Judish

Margaret Lee and Craig Smith

Michele and Sandy Leek

Garrett Leque

Vicky and Ted Lilyeblade

Donna and Paul Liner

Dawn Lucien

Stuart Magoon

Andy Marcelynas

Vickie Markland

Kerstin Martell

Lisa and Bruce Martin

Gloria and Dennis Martin

Dixie and Paul Matthias

Julie Masura

Jordon McEntire

Laurie McKenna

Amy Merten and Joel Baker

Debbie Messier

Shyla Miller

Taryn Miller

Marcia and Richard Moe

Jane Moore

Rick Moore

Nick Nickolas

Candy and Rocky Nigretto

Sara Norberg

Hannelore Ogner

Jeff Okey and Paige Franke

John and Lynne Parrott

Nancy and Don Pearson

Lisa Peterman

Jackie and Jeff Petersen

Claire Petrich

Gifford Pinochet

Dona and Joe Ponepinto

Jacob Pugh

Katsumi Purbeck

Britta Ricker

Jane and Jeanine Riss

Kevin Rochlin

John Rodenberg

John Rogers

Lisa Rozmyn

Malcom Russel

Grace and Jonathon Saunders

Jennifer and Tony Schiavone

Larry Scott

Kimberly and Tiff Seely

Stephanie Seivert

Matthew Simon

Michael Slevin III

Laura and Ryan Smith

Dorothy Walker

Gavin Snodgrass and Margaret Walter

Cynthia Stanich

John Stark

Anissa Stella

Bob Stevens

Pam and John Swanes

Ross Swanes

Sharmila Swenson

Angie Thomson

Linda Troeh

Curt Tuttle

Terry Velasco

Aaron Waggoner

Kalation Washington

Wesley Wenhardt

Anne and Cooper Wessells

Carolyn and Eddie Westmoreland

Dave Wickland

David Wilson

Iain Wingaard

Randy White

Gerda and Dave Wynkoop

Jennifer Wynnkoop

Russ Young

Olga Zoltai

Ellen and Allen Zulauf


Senior / Student / Volunteer


Becky Bains

Isabelle Bohman

Norma Borgford

W.M. Buchanan

Lily Johnson

Spencer Kajca

Joyce Landrum

Jim Lorman

Laure Nichols

Gerald O'Keefe

Camille Schaefer

Vergia and David Seabrook

Kathie Stork

Marilyn and Chester Torgerson

Mike Webb