Dearest supporters and friends,

CHB staff and I can’t thank you enough for the way you have put your trust in us to continue working to keep Commencement Bay and its surrounding waters clean.

You helped make history at this year’s Cheers to a Healthy Bay benefit auction, raising over$170,000–our most successful fundraising effort to date! It speaks volumes about how much you believe in holding dirty polluters accountable and educating our community. Know that we do not take that responsibility lightly. Already, we are working to fill our Community Education Coordinator position in the coming weeks and drafting our intent to sue letter for yet another polluter.

You made this happen! We truly cannot do this work without your help and honestly, we wouldn’t want to.

Mark your calendars for next year’s Cheers to a Healthy Bay event happening Friday, May 12,2023. Oh, and start working on your sea-themed outfits–I have a feeling a few of you plan to go all out next year.

With gratitude,