Stand up for Puget Sound and Clean Water Protections

WOTUS Comment Letter

In 2015, the Clean Water Rule was introduced to clarify which bodies of water fall under the protection of the landmark Clean Water Act. The new rule allowed streams, rivers, wetlands, and “navigable waters”—particularly ones that are seasonal—to be included under the Clean Water Act, expanding vital protection to wetlands and small streams that provide drinking water to 1 in 3 Americans and also provide our communities with flood and storm protection, water pollution filtration, recreation, and habitat for culturally and economically significant wildlife like salmon.

Our waters are interconnected, and if we want to have clean water in our larger streams, rivers, lakes and wetlands, we need to protect the smaller bodies of water that flow into these larger systems. The current EPA Administrator, Scott Pruitt, opened a public comment period on the proposal to repeal the Clean Water Rule that ends on September 27. President Trump and Scott Pruitt will quickly learn that their reckless and dangerous proposal to eliminate the Clean Water Rule is deeply unpopular.

Tell the EPA and Scott Pruitt that Americans want to protect clean water, not polluter profits!

The Clean Water Rule is about stopping pollution before it happens. People and their communities suffer when polluters get free passes to destroy our rivers and drinking water sources, which is exactly what repealing the Clean Water Rule will do. We need to be doing more to rein in polluters and stop pollution at the source, not less.

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