Together, We Can Curb Climate Change

Photo credit: Michael Charest

Your financial support is critical to achieving a healthier, cleaner environment for all of us. Each step closer to our vision of a Puget Sound where contaminated sites are history, our waters are healthy and full of life, the air you and I breathe is clean, industry protects our environment and provides well-paying jobs, and where everyone can afford healthy happy lives, begins with you.

Your support directly helps our efforts to adequately clean up contaminated sites and hold polluting companies responsible so that our salmon have cleaner habitat. It aids our efforts in advocating for stronger water protections on issues like oil and coal transportation, emergency oil spill response, and no new fossil fuel industry in the Tacoma Tideflats. It allows us to get out on the ground to educate and engage our community to demand real progress on environmental issues at the local level.

We need your help to tackle these issues now more than ever. Whether you donate a little or a lot, every cent helps us create a cleaner and healthier Puget Sound.

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