Sound Status Update – June Newsletter

June 7, 2021

Tideflats Regulations Back to the Drawing Board

On Tuesday May 18th we were SO CLOSE to finally getting protections from polluting industries in the Tideflats. After an incredible show of climate commitment from Mayor Woodards and Councilmember Beale, an amendment to the Tideflats Interim Regulations that would protect the Tideflats from big oil’s expansions was narrowly defeated by a single vote. Councilmembers Beale, Walker, Ushka, and the Mayor all had the courage to stand up to fossil fuel companies who use Tacoma as a link in the global fossil fuel chain.

The draft Non-Interim Regulations are now on their way to the Infrastructure, Planning, and Sustainability Committee of City Council, who will need to have a final recommendation on what the Tideflats Regulations should be ready for City Council consideration by August 31st.

The good news is that the City Council was literally one vote away from ending the loophole that allows existing oil companies to expand. Because of you all, Tacoma was CLOSER THAN EVER to prohibiting fossil fuel expansions. That is HUGE. A similar amendment in 2017 failed in a 7-2 vote, so it is clear our advocacy and organizing is WORKING. This policy is common sense and the ONLY path forward towards a sustainable, healthy, and thriving Tacoma.

We will be updating you all very soon with next steps, so keep an eye out for our next update!

Beyond the Tideflats: Help Chart Tacoma’s Climate Future

How should the City of Tacoma respond to the current climate emergency and promote anti-racist change in Tacoma? We want to hear from you! Tacoma is at a turning point in addressing the wrongs of our system and make it work for generations into the future. Citizens for a Healthy Bay is partnering with the City to ensure community voice, especially from frontline community members, is centered in the process of creating a Climate Action Plan.

This plan will guide actions and funding for shared climate solutions. We need your help to prioritize actions that are community-driven, equitable, and anti-racist to help us build a just and sustainable Tacoma. The updated plan that results from this process, intended for adoption by Tacoma City Council in late 2021, will benefit your community for the next 5-10 years.

Here’s how you can give your input to help us develop a transformational plan for a safe and sustainable future:

1. Attend and spread the word about our up-coming Tacoma Climate Action Workshops:

Join Citizens for a Healthy Bay and the City of Tacoma via Zoom to share your thoughts and help shape the City’s Climate Action Plan. All participants are eligible for a $20 cash card to make it easier to participate and honor your contributions.

·         Saturday, June 12th at 1-2:30pm – Click here to register 

·         Tuesday, June 15th at 5:30-7pm – Click here to register

2. Can’t attend a virtual workshop? Take our self-guided Climate Action Community Feedback Survey

If you have additional questions about the Tacoma climate action planning process or how your feedback will be used, visit or contact our Climate Action Coordinator Emma Keese, at

New Listing: Waterfront property with impeccable views.
Full sun, keyless entry, and large deck space perfect for entertaining! 

While our headline is a bit nauti, abandoned and derelict vessels are no joke. This month, Citizens for a Healthy Bay received a call about a 50ft by 30ft house barge that appeared to be abandoned, anchored in Commencement Bay. During our Bay Patrol, we found the house barge anchored next to the Point Ruston Historic Ferry. After reporting new information to the Derelict Vessel Removal Program at the Department of Natural Resources, another vessel from the Coast Guard arrived shortly. The vessel has since been moved to the other side of Commencement Bay at the Marina at Browns Point along Marine View Drive.

Reporting derelict vessels that are adrift, beached, broken, or sunken can prevent threats to human safety and the environment. Derelict and abandoned vessels can leak oil and other fluids into the waterways as well as pose as a navigational hazard to marine traffic. They can also scour and disrupt sensitive habitats along beaches and the seafloor. The Derelict Vessel Removal Program began in 2002 and has since removed over 900 vessels in Washington preventing further pollution and disruption.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our recent 20th Cheers to a Healthy Bay benefit auction. We are overcome with appreciation for the incredible generosity of our dedicated supporters and donors who made this fundraiser one of CHB’s most successful to date! We look forward to sharing the final results of the funds raised as we finalize all the donations over the next week!
The money raised at this year’s Cheers to a Healthy Bay will directly support our efforts to hold Electron Dam company accountable for its devastating pollution in the Puyallup River, fight the expansion of oil companies and their climate pollution here in Tacoma, and provide program support for our Environmental Justice Camp for Girls. Thank you for allowing CHB to continue this work, and for supporting our efforts to make our community a safer and healthier place for everyone.
If you missed the opportunity to participate in our Cheers to a Healthy Bay benefit auction and would like to make a donation, please visit our website at

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