Stories on the Sound

This small and special get-together will feature our favorite local storyteller, TEDx Talk speaker and Tacoma native, Dean Burke, who will share some of his incredible experiences on our waters. His stories always make us want to explore more about this amazing place we call home, and inspire us in our work to protect Commencement Bay and our Puget Sound waters. The CHB team will also provide an update for the new year on where we as a community need to go from here to achieve a cleaner, healthier future.

Saturday, January 20
2:30—5:00 p.m.

Hosted by Sheri & Jeff Tonn
7311 E Side Dr NE
Tacoma, WA 98422

7311 East Side Drive Northeast (also State Highway 509)
(253) 952-2339

From downtown Tacoma, take Hwy 509 across the tideflats and continue along the waterfront to Brown’s Point. Pass the Cliff House restaurant and Brown’s Point shopping center, both on the left. Pass 51st St NE on your right and turn off of 509 onto the next little lane on the right – as shown in the picture below. The lane turns from pavement to gravel as it runs parallel to Highway 509. You will pass several houses. The last one before ours is a white house with gravel in front of it. Ours is the next house so turn right up the hill.

When you turn up to our house, drive as far up the gravel drive as you can. Keep your speed up so you don’t spin your wheels on the loose gravel. If you do, just back up and try again!

From I-5 heading south, take the 320th Street exit in Federal Way. Follow 320th until it dead-ends at 47th – about 5 miles. Turn right on 47th and go north to Marine View Drive (47th is also a dead end there). Turn left, heading south on Dash Point Road. It changes name and becomes East Side Drive as it enters Pierce County, and at other points is called Marine View Drive. Just as you enter Pierce County, you will cross a big bridge. Continue south over the second bridge – about 2 miles from where you turned onto Marine View Drive. Take the second left about 200 feet after the bridge on a steep gravel road, or continue around a sweeping corner until you see a sign for Hyada on your right. Instead, turn left onto an unmarked lane. The turn here will be sharply north. This is the drive shown in the photo below. (If you get to 51st St NE on your left, you’ve gone too far.) The lane turns from pavement to gravel. Ours is the last house, just after the white house. Turn right up the hill when you see our house.

If traffic is bad, take 272nd street. Turn left on Pacific Highway (99) and go south about two miles to Dash Point Road. Follow Dash Point Road south, eventually crossing into Pierce County. Then follow the instructions above….

When you turn up to our house, drive as far up the gravel drive as you can. Keep your speed up to avoid spinning your wheels on the gravel. If you do, just back up and try again!