Policy Platform Overview

This policy platform calls on the City of Tacoma to leverage theCity’s resources for robust investments in goods and servicesthat will create a more sustainable, anti-racist communitywhere everyone thrives. Tacoma’s residents are faced withhousing insecurity, jobs that are low paying or in industries thatare dying out, and pollution that causes a shorter lifeexpectancy for many – but especially for low-income folks andpeople of color. These are BIG problems, but not impossibleones. We need BIG solutions, and the Tacoma Green New Dealis a plan to address them.
From job creation to developing infrastructure that solves manyof the issues challenging Tacoma, The Tacoma Green New Dealchallenges the status quo to envision a brighter future!

Why Now

The plan calls for ambitious action by the City of Tacoma to pass a Tacoma Green New Deal (TGND) resolution leverage our collective power to create a livable planet. We have less than 10years to take the necessary steps to reduce the effects of climate change. We’ve already seen what ignoring the problem has done – scorching heatwaves, suffocating wildfire smoke and record-breaking flooding – all in the same year! As a Port city with considerable fossil fuel industry presence, we can provide a frame work for a better world. One focused on clean manufacturing, low carbon fuels, and economic prosperity for all.

Pillars of the Tacoma Green New Deal

Environmental Justice for All (EJ4A)

EJ4A provides a strategy to reduce exposure to fossil fuels, air and water pollution and vehicle emissions. Namely, by switching to clean energy and transforming harmful systems that make our communities unhealthy. It also will expand access to food and reliable transportation for everyone.

A Just Transition Off Fossil Fuels

No one can be left behind in the shift to a clean economy. We will end Tacoma’s dependence on fossil fuel AND protect workers who make this possible by creating programs like the Just Transition Fund, to offset hardships that may arise as we move to a low carbon future.

Good Green Jobs (GGJ)

GGJ will do our part stop the climate crisis and create thousands of good-paying jobs by retrofitting residential homes for climate resiliency, building energy- efficient affordable green housing, and planting trees to expand urban tree canopy to keep our communities cooler during the summer months.

Key Policy Goals

  • Transition to free public transportation by 2024
  • Reach 100% clean electricity by 2028
  • Develop community solar projects by 2030
  • Plant 5,000 new trees by 2030
  • Reach net zero emissions by 2040
  • Build 50,000 affordable housing units by 2040
  • Ban fracked gas from homes