Coski Mine Fact Sheet
Coski Mine Public Comment Template

Terra5 Company, LLC is seeking to reopen mining operations at the long inactive Coski Sand and Gravel Mine in Northeast Tacoma. The 17-acre site is located on 2500 Marine View Drive, just 450 feet from a nearby residential area. The project aims to mine 400,000 cubic yards of sand and gravel from the 17-acre site over the next ten years. At peak operation, the project would require up to 600 trips per day to move all of this material. Mining operations would take place during the day and loading would occur both day and night, with 2-5 employees working on-site. The City of Tacoma approved the permit on August 18, with an appeal period that is open until September 1, 2017.

A Noise Impact Study and responses to public comments were released on February 17th by project backers. You can view these documents online at the City’s project webpage. Be sure to submit your public comments by March 3rd!