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Storm Drain Marking

Did you know that water flowing from storm drains often empties directly into Commencement Bay and the larger Salish Sea, carrying toxic chemicals that harm orcas, salmon, and other marine creatures? It’s alarming to know that polluted stormwater runoff is the primary source of pollution in the Salish Sea. But we can make a difference!

Join us in marking storm drains with the “No Dumping | Drains to Puget Sound” plaque, which serves as an educational tool for our community. By participating in this community event, you’ll help spread awareness and let everyone know that only rainwater should go down those drains.

Our Storm Drain Marking events are open to the public and occur throughout the year. While it’s ideal to participate during the dry summer months, you can join us at any time of the year as long as there is no rain in the forecast.

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