Stormwater Bingo

Many of us are getting outside for more walks in our neighborhoods – so why not use those opportunities to learn something new? We created this Stormwater Bingo activity for you to complete on your own or with your family while you’re walking around town.

Stormwater is water that collects in the streets, sidewalks, and everywhere else when it rains, when you water your lawn, or when you wash your car. This water flows through our neighborhoods, picking up pollution along the way, and eventually makes its way into Commencement Bay.

As you walk through your neighborhood, keep an eye out for the items you see on your BINGO card. When you find one of those items along your walk, cross it off, and match it with the square on the back of your card to learn more about keeping our waters clean and healthy!

To try and make things as accessible as possible, we’ve provided a mobile version so you can play bingo on your phone, or you can print out the bingo sheet to play by hand. If you’d like us to mail you a printed bingo card, please send us an email at

Share photos of you and your family winning Stormwater Bingo! Let us know the most interesting thing you learned on your walk and tag us or use #CHB on social media!

This work is funded by a Public Participation Grant from the Department of Ecology