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The cleanup process for the worst toxic contamination left in Commencement Bay is starting to move forward. Occidental Chemical Corporation, formerly operating in Tacoma, contaminated the soil and groundwater of the Hylebos Waterway in Commencement Bay. The Feasibility Study, which compares potential cleanup options for the contaminated site, is under review and open for public comments. As state officials decide on a cleanup plan, the company responsible is pushing for a cheap option instead of an effective one. We can’t let that happen.

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Threats from Pollution

This pollution poses a threat to both people and the environment. Chemicals may be seeping into Commencement Bay right now, and an earthquake or underwater landslide could result in an immediate and catastrophic release into the water. The pollution is so harsh and unsafe that, over time, it can also release the toxic, cancer-causing gas vinyl chloride.

Pushing for an Effective CleanupHylebos Waterway

The severity of Occidental Chemical Corporation’s pollution landed the site on the federal list of Superfund cleanups in the early 1980s. Decades later, we are finally nearing the start of the cleanup. The Washington Department of Ecology, which has the authority to control cleanup actions, is currently deciding on a cleanup plan. This will determine how much pollution gets removed, and how much stays in the environment forever.

However, the company responsible is setting the stage to walk away from this mess without a comprehensive cleanup. Occidental Chemical Corporation is pushing for a cleanup that would remove only 41% of the toxic pollution. Cleaning less than half of this dangerous contamination is unacceptable. Despite the fact that Occidental brought in a whopping $152 million in pre-tax profits during last quarter alone, the company is advocating for a cheap option instead of an effective one. We cannot afford to let polluters walk away from their mess. That’s why we need you to push for the strongest and quickest cleanup possible.

How Can I Help?

Thank you to everyone who submitted public comments by June 26! Stay tuned for more action opportunities soon…

Citizens for a Healthy Bay has been involved in the Occidental cleanup process for nearly two decades. We are committed to providing the community with reliable and accurate information. We will continue to work with stakeholders and the community to ensure a healthy future for Tacoma and our waters – this means holding Occidental accountable for a stringent and thorough cleanup.

Email Ryan Cruz or call (253) 383-2429 for more information or to receive updates on this issue.